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The Conseil d'Affaires Algéro-Néerlandais (CAAN) is THE gateway for all your business ambitions in Algeria and in The Netherlands.

Thanks to a wide network and a deep knowledge and experience of both Algerian and Dutch markets, the CAAN advises, supports and guides your business approach and strategy towards successful results.



The CAAN's core activity is to stimulate and establish successful business links between Algeria and the Netherlands.

We offer many services for Algerian and Dutch companies that want to improve their business relations between both countries. Please have a look at what the CAAN can do for your business!



When your company is active in Algeria or the Netherlands, your company is eligible to join the network of the CAAN.

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We are happy to announce the participation of CAAN, together with Algerian and Dutch companies at SIMA SIPSA, to be held from 4 to 7 October 2016 at SAFEX Exhibition Centre, Algiers.

CAAN will lead a workshop on October 5th at 13h00, about "the opportunities of Algerian-Dutch cooperation" and "Agro Logistics".

Visit our stand in the Central Pavilion, stand number   CT H-105   for more information.


Workshop program 05 October 2016, 13h00 - 14h00:

Speaker: Michael M Jurriaans (Postharvest Network)
(click image for a VIDEO PRESENTATION)

Title of the paper: The Dutch experience in Agro Logistics / Postharvest Losses

Michael Jurriaans worked at several posts at managerial level in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Transport. He has initiated the Green Logistics programme within the government and was secretary-general of the Platform Agrologistics.

This platform was a collaboration between companies, universities and the government aiming to develop more efficient agrofood supply chains. Most recently he is involved in the Postharvest Network. In this network Dutch companies, universities and government work together to reduce postharvest losses in developing countries.

In his presentation Michael Jurriaans will elaborate both on the the necessaty to develop more efficient agrologistic supply chains and to reduce post harvest losses. He will show some succesfull projects and invites all parties to discuss how agrifood supply chains can be made more efficient in Algeria and how Dutch companies, knowledge and government can collaborate with Algerian partners to achieve this goal.

Learn more about Network Postharvest: http://www.postharvestnetwork.com/

Learn more about PUM: https://www.pum.nl/

(26/09/2016)  Mr. Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs arrived yesterday for an official visit to Algeria.

He began his day with a meeting with his counterpart, Mr. Abdessalam Chelghoum, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries.

The two ministers, subsequently to the signing of a memorandum of understanding in the phytosanitary field, led a visit to the National Centre for Control
and Certification of Seeds and Plants (CNCCP).

Accompanied by Ambassador Robert van Embden, Minister Henk Kamp also made a trip to the city center of Algiers where he was explained about the history of the city and its development over time.

Mr Minister Henk Kamp had valuable exchanges this week concerning the creative economy with young Algerian entrepreneurs in the fields of cinema, architecture, e-education, design, the internet-of-things; a meeting during which he was pleasantly received in the office of a talents accelerator.

SIMA-SIPSA (Algiers)

SIMA-SIPSA (Algiers)

International Exhibition for Lifestock and Agrofood sectors 4-7 Octobre 2016

A new Algerian organisation brings together two major players in the organization of trade fairs; firstly, the Sipsa, the international exhibition of livestock, agribusiness and agricultural machinery in Algeria and on the other hand, the Sima trade fair of agricultural suppliers.

Book your stand via CAAN for an interesting offer, contact Nouria Ouibrahim (nouriaouibrahim@gmail.com) for any further inquiries. Registration closes September 9th 2016!

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Africa Works! 2016

Africa Works! 2016

Africa Works! 2016 provides a platform to raise capital, boost transactions and support new policies for investment and private sector growth; participants will focus on gaining access to finance for companies and entrepreneurs.

Africa Works! 2016 is well-established and will bring together the top minds from the financial sector, allowing them share their experience, best-practices, and lessons learned with entities in the public and private sectors.

The conference will bring together the industry leaders of prominent banks, financial institutions, investment funds and companies, supporting bankable projects, ideas, and innovations.


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Algerian - Dutch cooperation gaining momentum

Algerian - Dutch cooperation gaining momentum

Foreign Ministers Mr Koenders and his Algerian counterpart Mr Lamamra   -  09/03/2016

Both nations pledged to work together in a number of areas, including agriculture, transport & logistics, as well as renewable energy. ‘Algeria is an important partner in addressing the arc of instability around Europe. Regular high-level consultations will consolidate Algeria’s place in Dutch foreign policy,’ said foreign minister Bert Koenders on Wednesday, following a session of the Joint Committee. Therefore they agree to hold similar talks in Algeria in two years’ time.

‘This visit by our Algerian partners has laid a foundation we can build on in the years to come,’ Mr Koenders said. ‘We mustn’t wait another 30 years, or even another 30 months. The regional challenges facing both our countries are too great to let that happen.’ Talks held in 1987 were not followed up on, in part due to the outbreak of civil war in Algeria.

Mr Lamamra also met with the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, to discuss trade between the two countries. Algeria imports many Dutch agricultural products; for its part, it produces oil and gas that is exported to the Netherlands. Last year Ms Ploumen led a trade mission to Algeria, and during the talks in The Hague the ministers spoke about following up on the contacts established at that time.

At a forum attended by a dozen Algerian companies and twenty Dutch companies from various industries, the importance of exploiting existing opportunities for cooperation, calling for the establishment of partnerships and the implementation of technical cooperation programs.

Algeria and the Netherlands trade cooperation

Algeria and the Netherlands trade cooperation

Agrofood: Algeria is the biggest importer of potato seeds and dairy cows in the Netherlands. The forum debated the followup of two cooperation agreements between Algeria and the Netherlands from 2010 and 2012: the first agreement covers technical assistance for the development of dairy production and potatoes in Algeria, while the second seals existing cooperation in the field of animal health.

The Joint Committee sessions also resulted in a partnership agreement between the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands and its Algerian counterpart. These centres will jointly develop new technology to generate renewable energy and promote more efficient energy use in industry. For example, Dutch-made solar panels will be tested in the Algerian Sahara.

With regard to transport: ‘Like the Netherlands, Algeria’s coastal areas face the real threat of rising sea levels,’ said Mr Koenders. ‘This partnership shows that, as we step up our cooperation, Algeria and the Netherlands are looking ahead to the challenges in the mid-term.’ During the meeting both parties expressed their desire to explore new opportunities in the areas of freight, construction and ship repair and marine works.

Water: Algerian and Dutch traders discussed further ways and means to implement to develop cooperation between the two countries in the field of water resources. "Scientific and technical cooperation is a priority axis, with, in particular, experience exchanges in areas of mutual interest," said the participants in this forum.